Squirrel Head Music is a collective, highlighting the musical and creative endeavours of the six members of Loco Zydeco, one of Canada’s premier Zydeco bands. It is a platform for the promotion of our artistic side projects, past and present, in one convenient location.

The Meet Squirrel Head Music page offers an overview of our members and bands, with links to their individual websites and music. The Music Catalogue page offers direct access to all of our releases. Please visit often. New material and the re-release of archival material will be constant. Time and weather permitting.

To all Squirrel Head Music fans, friends and family:

We wish you the best during these trying times.
We will do our utmost to keep you updated on the status of any of our members’ scheduled live performances. Until individual events are officially confirmed as cancelled or postponed, we will leave them listed on the “Shows” page of this website. As soon as we have the latest information, it will be immediately posted, or the show’s listing will be taken down.
If in doubt, please contact us, or the venue in question, directly.

In the meantime, we are happy to announce Squirrel Head members
Cheryl Lescom & the Tucson Choir Boys have released their latest album “Well Played”
and Dayna Shereck has released her latest single “The Missing Part,” (see below for both.)
All Night Mule and Prisoners Of Noise have completed bed tracks for their
newest albums and Loco Zydeco, Paul Malysa and Carol Harrison
have all started recording toward their next releases .

Stay safe and healthy.